With Joe in America, Jack is coping well with work at Emmerdale Farm. But Matt senses that there are other things on his mind, especially as Jack has kept a painting drawn by Jackie 8 years ago. Matt tells Dolly about Jack's past relationship with Jackie's mother Pat Merrick, and how she married Tom despite the fact he was troublesome. Paul Hilleley vists the woodland where Sharon Crossthwaite's body was found in 1973. He is met there by Judy who says she has never heard of Sharon. Paul takes her to The Woolpack for a drink. Judy suggests that Paul asks Amos about Sharon, as Amos is the memory man in the village. Sam tells Annie that Seth heard that someone was asking about Sharon's murder. Sam says that her killer has done 8 years now, so could be up for parole soon.


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  • In the attic room, Dolly discovers one of Jackie Merrick's paintings that Jack bought from Pat Merrick in Episode 12. Matt notes that Jack had recently stayed in the room, implying that Jack has kept the painting with him all these years.
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