Jimmy tries his best to be gentle with Kelly and asks her not to deprive Elliot of a father, but she refuses to listen and ushers him out as she packs her bags. Later, Jimmy is devastated as he watches Kelly drive out of the village with Elliot, while Nicola watches on and witnesses the sacrifice he's making. Later, Jimmy arrives at Nicola's and asks her to give him another chance - he let his son go so he could be with her. However, Nicola is adamant that it changes nothing and she still wants a divorce. As Jimmy feels sorry for himself in Mill Cottage, Carl tells him to buck up his ideas and stop being a doormat. Carl says that they used to run the village - they need to get their self-respect back and get what they want. Meanwhile, Paddy panics that Rhona isn't getting enough rest and when she decides to go for a walk, he's a bit resentful of Marlon accompanying her. Later, Paddy walks in on Marlon and Rhona looking at a baby catalogue and reminds Marlon that he should be at work. In the pub, Chas notices his despondent mood and he admits that he feels like he's not part of their family unit and he's worried about what lies ahead. Elsewhere, Hazel and Aaron hold back their tears as Jackson talks to them about what happens next, Katie is worried for Gennie as she is feeling down over her feelings, and Victoria tells Hannah that she knows what happened between her and Alex .


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