Paddy is in turmoil and feeling increasingly left out about the baby. Realising something is wrong, Chas visits him at the vets and he opens up about his true feelings. Needing to get out of the village, they head off for a drive and Chas is worried as Paddy wonders whether he's made a mistake and this is never going to work out. At the same time, over at the pub, a bored Rhona persuades Marlon to let her help clearing tables. However, when she gets caught up in a scuffle between Aaron and Adam, she's knocked to the ground. Marlon is furious when he realises that Rhona's been injured and snaps at Aaron, who storms out just as Rhona starts to feel contractions. Meanwhile, Jimmy receives a letter from the solicitors about divorce proceedings, but with his new resolve he doesn't crumble. Nicola is cold towards him when he sees her with Angelica and is put out when he tells Angelica that he'll see her later. At Connelton, Jimmy spends time with his daughter and Nicola is aware that he's not prepared to be pushed around. Rodney then warns her not to push Jimmy too far. Elsewhere, Gennie is getting increasingly fed up of single life, while Alex and Victoria finally make up.


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