Paddy visits Rhona and the baby in hospital and when Marlon arrives with cans of lager to toast the new arrival, Paddy can't help but feel excluded and guilty that he missed the birth. He is surprised to learn Rhona and Marlon have already named the baby Leo. As they take the baby home and a stream of visitors arrive, Paddy continues to struggle with feeling left out. Meanwhile, Ella is impatient as she waits for Declan to take her out. Later, she calls Adam and they meet up at the stables, but Adam panics when he has to lie to Katie about what he's doing up there. Ella cheekily suggests that he was jealous earlier when she went out with Declan and claims she's flattered. Pulling Adam towards her, they kiss once again. Elsewhere, a hungover Gennie is persuaded to accept Nikhil 's offer of a lift to work. She continues to struggle with her feelings for him as she listens to Rhona tease him about wanting a baby himself. Inside the new café, Gennie sees it's an emotional time for Bob as he thinks about Viv. Also, Aaron struggles to hold things together, and Leyla is concerned when David tells her that he's resigned from the council.


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