Hazel is walking back to Dale Head in her own little word. Bob and Chas see her looking worn. Aaron is asleep at Jackson's bedside, Jackson coughs to wake him. Chas wonders what is going on at Dale Head. Jackson starts his video diary, declaring that he is of sound body and mind. Aaron and Hazel wait outside. Aaron finds it hard to cope and storms off to Smithy Cottage. Back at Dale Head, Hazel dresses Jackson who wonders where Aaron is, but is determined to carry on without him if he doesn't come back. At Smithy, Aaron won't tell Paddy what is wrong. Hazel goes out of Dale Head and rings Aaron, she remains silent on the phone and hangs up. Aaron knows it's time. Aaron and Jackson have a moment. Hazel enters the room with the lethal drink, all three are crying. Jackson declares his love for the both of them and thanks them. Hazel is distraught and is unable to give him the drink. Aaron takes it from her hand and holds it up to him, Jackson is unable to take the drink from the straw and Aaron is forced to hold the glass to his mouth. At Smithy, Rhona knows Paddy is worrying about Aaron and tells him to go to Dale Head and see him. Aaron bolts out of Dale Head, running out as fast as possible. He ignores Chas and Paddy who are outside and try to stop him. Adam notices him and gives chase. Hazel cradles and sings Jackson who is no longer breathing. Chas and Paddy bang on the door of Dale Head. Adam catches up with Aaron who has stopped to vomit over a fence. Hazel lets Paddy and Chas in, Paddy apologises for barging in thinking Jackson is asleep. Hazel tells them he's not sleeping. Aaron tells Adam that Jackson is dead and he killed him.


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  • This episode features the death of Jackson Walsh and is the last credited appearance of Marc Silcock even though he appears in video footage in a number of episodes afterwards.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,060,000 viewers (13th place).
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