Chas comes downstairs and sneaks out of Mill Cottage. Jimmy is just in time to see her go. Hazel has spent the night at Tall Trees Cottage. Jimmy asks Nicola if he can spend some time with Angelica but she refuses. A worried and frustrated Paddy snaps at Rhona. Jimmy confronts Carl about seeing Chas. The villagers let Hazel know their opinion of what she did. Leyla and David share their engagement news with the village. People have been leaving flowers for Jackson as Hazel and Aaron look, Jerry arrives and leaves some of his own. He rips into Hazel and Aaron, accusing him of being a murderer and a pervert. Aaron tells him that Jackson only said he loved him to keep Jerry off his back. As Jerry lunges for Aaron, Cain and Carl split them up and Cain warns Jerry to stay away. Bob and Brenda have decided to open the cafe tomorrow rather than today, given the circumstances. Nicola tells Rodney she has applied for sole residency of Angelica. Cain asks Chas why Carl is interfering. Chas tells him nothing. Nicola tells Jimmy that he will have to go through the courts to see Angelica and asks Charity for a viewing of the Barn Conversion. Charity shows Jai the room full of TV boxes at the barn conversion. She tells him to see it as an investment, but he is furious about having stolen gear on his property and tells her to get rid of it. Cain confronts Carl about Chas, Carl feigns innocence but Jimmy's face gives it away. Cain threatens Carl as Edna arrives back.


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