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Charity is taken aback when she realises how angry Jai is with her over the illegal TV scam. Later, she's uncomfortable when Cain is at Tug Ghyll with Debbie and makes an excuse to leave when he probes her over the situation with Carl. Charity warns Carl not to mess the job up, telling him that Cameron is not to find out the details. Cain follows Charity and Jai, who take Carl up to the barn conversion to show him the cargo. When they leave, Cain sneaks inside and sees the boxes of TVs. Cain approaches Cameron and tries to persuade him to help rip off Jai and Carl and make a bit of cash. Cameron is clearly tempted but insists Debbie must never find out. Meanwhile, Ashley tells Sandy and Laurel that he can't condone what Hazel and Aaron did but will arrange for another vicar to take the service. Aaron is angry when Hazel tells him and confronts Ashley, but is stopped by Hazel. In the pub, Chas defends Aaron's outburst, saying that Jackson deserves to be buried by his vicar. Elsewhere, Rodney feels torn when Jimmy asks him to go behind Nicola's back to let him see Angelica; Mia worries that Ella is up to something when she returns from town with sexy underwear and expensive perfume; and Hazel tells Aaron that she's afraid of going to prison.


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