Nicola and Mia worry about the party when Ella heads out and refuses to say how long she's going to be. Adam and Ella then drive into town and check into a hotel. As the party begins, everyone wonders when Ella will show up and Declan starts to get annoyed. Lying in bed, Adam's worried when he sees that he's had several calls from Mia. However, Ella kisses him and assures him that it'll be fine. Later, Mia's uneasy when she calls Ella's salon and finds out that she hasn't been in all day. Meanwhile, Rhona tells Marlon and Pearl that she wishes Paddy would put her and Leo first once in a while. Paddy's awkward to return home and find Marlon and Rhona cooing over Leo. He's tempted to visit Aaron, but he eventually asks Marlon to babysit for the evening so he can take Rhona out and she's pleased. Elsewhere, Nicola's rattled when Jimmy tells her his solicitor's suggestions about sharing childcare, while Jai prepares to tell Nikhil the truth about Charity's illegal exploits.


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