Early in the morning, Paddy brings Rhona a cup of tea in bed and isn't happy to find a fully clothed Marlon sleeping with his arm over sleeping Rhona. Sensing the tension, Marlon makes an excuse to leave. Paddy refuses Rhona's offer of breakfast, annoyed that she's giving him a hard time about wanting to spend time with Aaron. Chas confronts Rhona in the café, telling her to get over herself - pointing out that Paddy's only trying to keep everyone happy. Marlon's worried that Rhona's going to do something rash when she tells him thing's have to change and urges Paddy to set things right with Rhona after she tells them she's going to her mother's for a while. Rhona packs up her car and gives Paddy a goodbye kiss on the cheek, avoiding his question about how long she's going to be away. Dissatisfied with Hazel's choice of photo of Jackson for the funeral, Aaron tells her he'll find a better one. As he goes through photos with Adam, he pretends he hasn't thought about having to go to the police station tomorrow. Aaron shows Hazel his chosen photo, hiding his fear about tomorrow. Mia's stunned when Adam breaks up with her. Ella comforts Mia, and manages to dissuade Declan from confronting Adam. Gennie advises Nikhil against inviting Chas out to try and cheer her up, but Nikhil remains adamant he wants to do something special for her. Chas agrees to go out with him, but later tells him there's been a change of plan and they're having a take away and a night in with Aaron.


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