After meeting with the vicar to talk over the funeral arrangements, Hazel assures Aaron that he doesn't have to attend the funeral if he thinks it'll be too hard. However, Aaron irritably assures her that he'll be there. At the station, Hazel's led into an interview room and braces herself for questioning. Paddy and Chas are optimistic for Aaron when Hazel's released without a charge. However, Aaron's stunned when he's charged with murder. Meanwhile, Debbie's making breakfast when she gets sharp stomach pains and realises she's bleeding. Charity spots Debbie limping to her car and insists on driving her to the doctors', assuring her that everything will be okay. Returning from the hospital, Debbie tries to hide her true devastation about losing the baby from Charity. Later, Debbie tries to be strong, thinking about Cameron heading over with Dylan and Harry. When he arrives with his sons, who immediately start acting up, Debbie gets choked and is unable to tell Cameron about losing the baby. Elsewhere, Eric secretly makes an offer on the barn, while Laurel visits Marlon in the pub and comforts him about missing Leo.


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