As Aaron waits to be called into the hearing, he phones Chas and Paddy and tells them that he wants them to attend the funeral rather than see him in court. Chas tells Paddy that she's going to do exactly what Aaron asks of her this time. Later, as the congregation starts to gather outside the church, Hazel is upset that Aaron can't be there and asks Joe to take his place as a pallbearer. Jerry arrives with the hearse, furious with Hazel and glad that Aaron is unable to come. The reverend plays Jackson's message to the congregation, exonerating Hazel and Aaron and asking people to understand that they helped him out of love. Hazel's grief overwhelms her as the coffin is lowered, while Jerry walks away. In the pub afterwards, Hazel defends herself to Jerry, Steve and Annie, while Chas tells Paddy that Aaron's been released on bail. Later, Chas is relieved to find Aaron sat beside Jackson's grave with a beer, but despairs when he tells her that he wants to be alone. Meanwhile, Debbie assures Cain that she's okay following the miscarriage. She's grateful when he tells her that he'll arrange to go away for a couple of weeks to give her and Cameron some time alone. Trying to make peace over dinner, Cameron's at a loss over how to behave with Debbie, unsure of what she wants. Elsewhere, Eric's amused when Val and Amy insist on doing his dinner preparation for him in an attempt to persuade him to buy the barn.


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