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Gennie leaves for work, ignoring Chas' attempts to patch things up. Seeing Nikhil in the village, Chas asks for a word and he's gutted when she breaks up with him, explaining that they're not right for each other and she's only holding him back from meeting someone more suitable. Later, Chas finds Gennie in the café and apologises for hurting her feelings. Gennie's stunned when Chas tells her that she's broken up with Nikhil and urges her to tell Nikhil how she feels. Seeing glum Nikhil in the pub, Gennie tries to cheer him up but he laughs and storms out when she tells him that she loves him. Following him out, Gennie's devastated when Nikhil tells her that he could never fancy someone like her. Meanwhile, Aaron decides to return to work and when Ashley arrives to pick his car up, he tells Aaron that he doesn't want to see him go to prison. However, Aaron replies that he failed at his one job of offering comfort when people need it. Ashley leaves as Debbie arrives and Aaron tells her that he doesn't know how he's going to get through this. Elsewhere, Adam tells Moira that Ella forced him to break up with Mia; Eric discovers that his secret has been rumbled; Amy secretly arranges a house party; and Victoria's put out when Alex tells her that he's meeting friends in town.


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