Sam is not happy to discover Pat has returned to the village, but is relieved when Matt tells him it's just to visit a relative. Meanwhile, Amos throws Henry a surprise party - and actually manages to keep it secret.


It's Henry's birthday, and Amos is trying to keep his surprise party a secret. He pretends they're going to a formal dinner instead. At Emmerdale Farm, Sam is upset that no-one told him about Pat Merrick being back in the village. He's convinced it will mean trouble, especially for Jack. Annie decides to tell Dolly the facts about Jack and Pat before she starts hearing rumours. Paul Hilleley approaches Pat to ask about Jack, but she's not interested in answering his questions. Jack wonders why Sam is acting so strange and Matt explains it has to do with Pat's return. Annie and Dolly run into Judy and Paul in the village and Judy is a bit surprised at Annie's hostile attitude towards him. She's even more worried when Paul says he's going to write a juicy story about Beckindale and it's inhabitants. She goes to Donald to seek advice and see if there's anything that can be done to stop him. Dolly worries that Paul might show up at Henry's party, but Annie is certain he got the message that he's not welcome. Judy is filling in for Henry and Amos at the Woolpack and Amos has left her a long list of instructions. Matt puts Sam at ease with the news that Pat is only visiting a relative, not staying in Beckindale. Amos' behaviour is driving Henry crazy, but he manages to get Henry to the farm without spoiling the surprise.


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