Charity's unimpressed when Jai agrees to let Ella stay the night until Declan cools off. At the same time, Declan refuses when Mia asks him to let Ella move back in. Tipped off by Jai, Declan turns up at Holdgate and storms inside to confront Ella, asking her for a word outside. Declan tells Ella that she's gone too far by sabotaging Mia's happiness out of jealousy. When she slaps him, he insists that he wants her out of their lives for good. Meanwhile, Alicia asks Diane if she can have the night off tomorrow to go to Leyla's engagement party. Diane agrees, advising Alicia to make things happen for herself when she complains that everyone else seems to be doing exciting things. When Alicia finds out that Andy has a grandma in Spain, she's keen for them to take a holiday to visit her. Excited, Alicia wonders to Andy whether they could move out there one day. Elsewhere, Amy lets herself into Dale Head and finds Alex in a towel. Realising what Amy's up to when she starts to flirt with him, Alex starts to reciprocate. Amy leans in to kiss Alex and is humiliated when he busts her and asks her to tell Victoria that he doesn't mess girls around. Later, Amy debriefs Victoria. Also, Bob helps Hazel see sense over the council collection. Aaron leaves after all of Jackson's things have been taken, awkwardly telling Hazel that they're not allowed to talk. Hazel then gets upset, telling Bob how empty everything seems.


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