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Mia is desperate to find out what's going on between Declan and Ella, but Declan refuses to give anything away. At the same time, Charity's not happy when Jai agrees to let a hungover Ella stay for as long as she needs. Unaware that Ella has been sleeping with Adam, Charity advises her that Declan doesn't have the right to keep her away from Mia. Later, Declan visits John and Moira and they're relieved when he promises that as long as they keep quiet about Adam and Ella, there's no reason for it to affect their business arrangement. However, John's quietly furious when Declan insists they provide their first payment ASAP instead of waiting a few months for them to get established as previously agreed. When Declan returns home, he's furious to find Ella in the house demanding to see Mia. He forcibly ejects her from the house in front of Mia and Dermot. Meanwhile, Leyla is intrigued when Alicia says that she and Andy have got a big surprise. John's supportive when Andy tells him that Alicia's keen for them to emigrate to Spain. Alicia's over the moon when Andy tells her that Annie mentioned a farm near her in Spain and there's plenty of work out there. At the party, despite Andy's pleas not to say anything, Alicia announces that they're moving abroad. However, Leyla's distraught at the thought of losing Jacob as Eric raises a toast. Elsewhere, Victoria's annoyed to realise that Alex found the honey trap fiasco funny, while Adam starts to pitch in at the farm again.


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