Alicia realises that Andy's still annoyed at her for announcing their possible move to Spain and promises to keep quiet from now on. At the same time, David assures Leyla that Alicia will have forgotten about Spain in a week, but Leyla's silent when Alicia tells her that she's thinking of Jacob's future. Later, David comforts a tearful Leyla, who reluctantly promises to try and stay out of Alicia and Jacob's business. Meanwhile, Charity's hacked off about having to work again and starts to bicker with Alicia. Later, Charity suggests to Chas that they should have a few drinks in the pub after work with Ella, Katie and Gennie. Thinking Charity's in the cellar, Alicia locks the door and is amused when she hears banging. Horrified when Charity tells her that Diane's down there, Alicia lets her out and Diane has a go at the two of them for behaving like children. At their lock-in, Ella leaves early while a fuming Diane comes downstairs and catches the others. Chas arrives and the girls apologetically disperse. Charity grudgingly agrees to tidy up, but Diane's unsure whether Chas is taking her issues with Charity seriously. Elsewhere, Gennie is appalled by Nikhil's aggressive techniques when he interviews Holly for a position at the factory; Charity's unimpressed when Jai tells Ella that she can stay for as long as she needs; and Ella feels terrible when Mia tells her that despite everything, she's still her mum and she'll never abandon her.


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