Alicia warns Leyla not to tell Justin about the move when Leyla suggests that she should inform him what she's planning. David's worried about how Leyla will react when he hears Alicia announce that she and Andy are going to Spain for a property hunt and brings her a bouquet of flowers as he breaks the news. Later, David feels sidelined when Leyla tells Alicia that they will want her and Jacob to continue living with them even after they're married. Returning from a run, he's stunned to hear Leyla promise Jacob that he can always come and live with her if he doesn't like Spain. Meanwhile, irritated by Jimmy's complaining, Carl tells him to just pick Angelica up from playgroup in the afternoon and take her to the swings. Carl's chuffed when Jimmy takes his advice. Later, Nicola furiously confronts Jimmy when she finds him feeding Angelica and tries to force the nursery assistant to refuse to let Jimmy collect Angelica. She promises to take it further when the assistant refuses to get involved. However, Rodney's frustrated that Nicola refuses to see sense. Elsewhere, Nikhil seems crushed when Gennie rejects his gift of a cake to say sorry; Andy apologises to Debbie as Alicia tries to get Sarah excited about going on holiday to Spain without asking Debbie's permission first; while Ella and Charity have a faux-friendly discussion about getting their claws into men.


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