When Nikhil tells Jai that he's taking Gennie out of work for the morning, Charity offers herself as the replacement PA in Gennie's absence. Returning from picking up his new company car, Nikhil's furious to find Charity at his desk, especially when she tells him that she's persuaded a client to increase their order. Jai tells Nikhil to calm down and Charity leads all of the workers outside to see Nikhil's new car. He's humiliated when she jokes that he's still unsuccessful with the ladies despite the car when Gennie turns down his offer to go for a spin with him. Wound up, Nikhil tells Jai he needs to choose between him and Charity at the factory. Meanwhile, David's uneasy when he hears Leyla reiterate her promise to Jacob that he can live with her if he doesn't like Spain. Leyla tells him that they can't sit by and watch Alicia ruin Jacob's life. Put out when Alicia lies that Jacob's school doesn't have a problem with him taking leave in term time to go to Spain, Leyla questions what Justin would say if he knew. However, Alicia's furious and warns Leyla to keep out of it. Later, Andy disapproves when Alicia tells him that she wasn't planning on telling Justin about the holiday. Still determined to go as planned, Alicia admits to Andy that the school didn't really agree that Jacob could be taken away in term time. Elsewhere, Angelica falls off a swing and cuts her head after Rodney lets Jimmy spend more time with her in secret, while Holly realises that Lizzie's sceptical of her chances of coming off heroin for good.


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