At the hospital, Nicola and Jimmy are united in their relief that Angelica's okay and Nicola seems to be softening to the idea of allowing Jimmy more access. However, when Brenda lets slip that Rodney has let Jimmy watch Angelica behind her back before, an argument breaks out and Nicola forbids Jimmy from seeing his daughter. After a bottle of wine, Nicola admits to Laurel that she still loves Jimmy. Meanwhile, Alicia's unsure when Diane suggests that she should leave Jacob with Leyla while she and Andy go to Spain, pointing out that it's not going to be a fun family holiday anyway. Andy agrees it's a good idea, but Alicia's anxious about leaving Leyla alone with Jacob, sure she'll persuade him not to want to move. Later, Leyla rings the school on the pretence of finding out what work Jacob will be taking with him to Spain, and discovers that Alicia lied about them being aware of his mid-term holiday. However, she's stopped from confronting Alicia when she asks her to look after Jacob while she and Andy go to Spain alone. Leyla's delighted but David's uneasy when she says Jacob's better off with her anyway. Elsewhere, Lizzie remains sceptical of Holly and Laurel's uneasy when she reminds her about the time Holly got high while babysitting.


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