Nicola arrives in the morning to talk to Jimmy, who panics when he realises that Gennie is asleep next to him. Completely unaware of what happened the night before, a hungover Jimmy begs Gennie not to leave the room until he gets rid of Nicola. Coming downstairs, Jimmy's on edge and only half listens as Nicola asks him for a chat and tries to mend their burnt bridges. Late for work, Gennie creeps downstairs, freezing when she sees Nicola and Jimmy on the sofa. Carl then gives the game away and Nicola storms out after seeing dishevelled Gennie apologetically leave. Later, Laurel's stunned when Nicola tells her that Jimmy and Gennie are an item. Meanwhile, Alicia feels terrible about leaving Jacob and warns Leyla that she'll be ringing him every day and if she finds out she's been making trouble, she'll make sure she never sees him again. Alicia gives Jacob credit for his phone, giving Leyla a dirty look when he lets slip that Leyla's planning to take him to the seaside. After Alicia and Andy leave, Leyla sees Jacob has tried to call Alicia several times already and guiltily confiscates his phone. Elsewhere, Nikhil gives Holly her job back when Laurel realises that she didn't steal £20 after all, while Bob continues to worry about Hazel.


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