Charity plots how to get back into Jai's good books when he mentions they have an important meeting with a client later. Remembering him from her time in the business, she informs Jai that his favourite drink is a single malt. Jai and Nikhil know they have their work cut out with him and they're unimpressed when Charity arrives dressed to kill and invites herself along to the meeting. Realising things are going awry, Charity sees her chance and flirtatiously suggests to the client that the two of them could discuss figures over a private dinner. Offended, he makes to leave, agreeing to let Nikhil drive him home. Jai's furious with Charity, who's stunned that she got it so wrong. Nikhil returns and Jai's delighted when he triumphantly reveals that the client agreed to extend his contract. Charity's put out when Jai makes it clear that he doesn't want her interfering in factory business again. Later, she tells Chas that she's had a setback but plans to usurp Nikhil's factory place eventually. Meanwhile, tersely refusing Declan's offer to restore Dale Head to how it was, Hazel explains to Bob that she doesn't feel ready to let go yet. Aaron's puzzled when Hazel refuses to let him in when he comes to visit her, having converted Dale Head into a shrine to Jackson. Elsewhere, Nicola is upset that she and Jimmy are over for good; Aaron stalks out when Cain tries to get him to listen to Chas and talk to his barrister; Victoria pours a pint over Alex and vows to move back into the pub when she spots him flirting with Roz; and Cain tries to make Charity jealous by flirting with Holly at the bar.


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