Amy promises Val that she's telling the truth when she claims that she and Victoria can't work at the B&B since they're following Alex to town as they suspect he's cheating. Belle also blackmails them to come along to the party. Later, as the party begins, Amy's stunned to see a face from her past, Jared, turn up. Belle tells Jared that Amy's new parents are loaded. Protective, Amy tells Belle to go home and watches as Hannah and Jared flirt. Belle's drunk and is sick on the floor just as Amy intervenes between Hannah and Jared. Lisa comes to collect Belle and Amy tells everyone the party's over and watches as Jared leaves. Going outside to get a mop, Amy's scared when Jared grabs her, warning her that it's payback time. Meanwhile, Hazel advises Aaron not to throw Chas's offer back in her face, pointing out that she was prepared to make a massive sacrifice for him. Carl's resentful when Chas thanks him for the offer but says Aaron refused it. Chas visits Aaron and Hazel at Dale Head and sees they've cleared up and is pleased when Aaron apologises for being off with her. Elsewhere, Leyla tries to convince Debbie not to let Andy move to Spain; Jai warns Declan that he could push Mia away if he's too hard on Ella; Eric's exasperated but Amy's thrilled that her 2-4-1 idea has filled the restaurant; David and Leyla arrive for dinner at the B&B and reveal that Amy and Victoria were planning on going to a house party; while Ella and Mia are surprised by Declan's restraint when he catches them together in the living room.


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