Visiting Rhona, Paddy explains that he wants her to come home and Rhona eventually agrees after hearing him say that he needs both her and Leo. At the same time, Marlon is getting ready for the fundraiser by baking cakes with Laurel. Laurel reassures him that Rhona and Leo will be back soon but suggests giving them some space. When Rosie comes to collect the cupcakes, she hints to Laurel that Marlon will be a hit with all the single mothers. Meanwhile, Katie agrees to the date with Declan, explaining how someone made her realise it was the right thing to do! They head to the B&B, where Declan is furious to hear Ella tried to warn Katie off him and explains that he doesn't think Mia will have a problem with them being together. Later, Ella lies to Mia that Declan had been seeing Katie the whole time. Mia is furious thinking Katie only befriended her out of guilt. Mia tries to dissuade Ella from moving back to Singapore when they see Declan and Katie exiting the B&B together. Mia's upset to see them kiss, but Ella watches on with quiet satisfaction. Elsewhere, Chas and Hazel worry about Aaron when he says that he didn't see the barrister, while Scarlett is still fuming over Carl taking her money, leaving Jimmy wondering whether there's more to it than she's letting on.


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