Aaron is shell-shocked as the jury reach a verdict and decide that he is not guilty. While those around him celebrate, Aaron can't fathom the outcome and retreats into himself. Him and Hazel clash as they meet at Jackson's graveside. Meanwhile, Debbie worries there's more to Sarah's bruising. Sam questions Samson about hurting Sarah but he denies hitting her. At the same time, Andy is worried about Sarah and feels dreadful when he tells Debbie and Cameron that he might be moving to Spain. Later, Debbie finds another bruise on Sarah and is fearful there's more to it than she first thought. Elsewhere, Amy struggles with her conscience after smashing a window at the barn and stealing Val's jewellery. She feels dreadful when Val and Eric realise they've been burgled and Val sees her engagement ring and mother's eternity ring are missing. Also, Scarlett says her goodbyes and tells Carl she'll invest her money before leaving. Carl mocks Eve when she vents her anger and frustration about not having a job anymore.


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