As she is short-staffed, Diane agrees to let Eve work a shift. However, Chas is furious when she sees her behind the bar and Charity is amused as Chas gives Eve a big shove. Chas is forced to back off when Edna enters, but Eve continues to wind Chas up and tells her she's going to Mexico to stay with Scarlett. Edna is shocked to hear the news. Later at the cottage, Edna tries to persuade her to stay, but is saddened to see Eve has made up her mind and hugs her as she leaves. Meanwhile, still with Jacob, Leyla continues to ignore David's calls. David tries to keep perspective, but Alicia worries and heads out to look for them. Leyla eventually answers and David tries to talk sense into her, but is concerned when she tells him things would be simpler if Jacob knew the truth about her being his real mum. She then hangs up, leaving David horrified that Leyla is about to do the unthinkable and tell Jacob the truth. Elsewhere, Diane has reservations when Chas asks if she and Aaron can move into the pub; when Amy tells Zak the truth about Jared, he warns her that she must face up to him before it gets out of hand; Pollard and Val are disappointed to learn they will not be able to get any insurance pay-out as Pollard didn't have receipts for the jewellery; Cameron tries to put Debbie's mind at rest as she worries about what's wrong with Sarah; while Charity hints to Chas about her plan to land Nikhil in it while she and Jai are away.


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