Alex hears who Jared really is and that he has been blackmailing Amy. After a scuffle in the street with Alex, Jared is bundled into Dale View by Zak. When Alex and Victoria press to get an answer about what Jared's problem is with Amy, he explains that she was responsible for breaking up his family by having a relationship with his dad. Zak comes to Amy's defence by telling Jared to leave Emmerdale and never come back. Later, Amy's desperate to talk to Val but when Val has a go at her, she can't. Towards the end of the day, Amy sits on her bed looking at a pregnancy testing kit with dread. Meanwhile, Jai fills Nikhil in on the mixed-up order, telling him that their client has received 2000 boxes instead of 200. Nikhil can't believe it. He later finds the error and explains that he is sure it was Charity who changed the order numbers, but Jai doesn't want to hear it. Later, even Nikhil's plan to get Gennie to back him up to Jai backfires as Gennie doesn't feel she can be too critical of Charity to Jai. Nikhil tells Gennie that he is disappointed in her, but she retorts that he has disappointed her and she feels like he just uses her. Elsewhere, Declan and Katie flirt; Adam tells Holly that he had an affair with Ella but wants to get back with Mia; while Roz announces that she got the job but it means she will have to leave the village.


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