Frank and Janie return from their honeymoon, Joe and Penny reconcile, and David comes down with constipation.


Henry finds out that the driver of the digger had been told by Buckley to drive through the dig. Frank and Janie are back from their honeymoon. Jack tries again to ask Penny about Trash, but she still won't say anything. They start to talk about Joe and Jack goes to tell her about Marian, but he comes in and finds them together. Sam and Annie go to see Sam and Sally. Joe is annoyed with Penny for not going to Hotten with him. Penny asks Joe about Marian, but he is jealous over finding Jack and Penny again. Penny kisses him, he kisses her back. Jack sees them and smiles. Wilks worries when he can't get hold of the County Planning Officer. David is ill and is diagnosed with constipation. Henry and Jack discuss the pig unit; Jack asks him to run Emmerdale Farm as a hobby and put his money into something else. Janie and Frank dress for Jack's party, they arrive and are first there. Janie wears a Spanish-style dress and runs out in tears when David mentions he didn't know it was fancy dress.


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