Joe is upset upon discovering what happened between Jack and Marian and goes to have it out with them both.


Marian arrives home after her encounter with Jack. Henry is suspicious, but says nothing. She tells him she has a date tomorrow. Amos tells Joe that he saw Marian and Jack holding hands, this upsets Joe. Peggy and Matt row about the farm. Jack visits Marian at Inglebrook. Peggy and Matt make up. Annie goes to the The Woolpack in search of Joe, she tells Amos not to spread gossip about Jack and Marian. Marian quizzes Jack about his past and he tells her that he left Emmerdale Farm eight years ago after rowing with his father about keeping battery hens as Jack was against it, preferring animals to have their freedom. Sam and Matt surprise each other when they discover Joe has borrowed money of the both of them to pay for the fishing rod. Joe causes a scene at Inglebrook as he is jealous of Marian's interest in Jack. Sam tells Annie about Joe borrowing the money, she says that he's had money from her too. Joe arrives back home and Annie sets out to find out what he's up to.


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