Cain threatens Amy who he has under his control in the house. With Amy held hostage, Cain piles on the pressure for Amy to have an abortion. Threatening her to get rid of it or he will get rid of her. Meanwhile, Victoria is worried about Amy and people are wondering where she is as she's not turned up for work. Later, Victoria asks about Cain but Amy doesn't want to talk about it but does ask Victoria to support her, as she is planning to tell Val and Eric about her pregnancy. But when Val tells her she's on her last chance, Amy bottles out of telling her and decides to have an abortion, asking Victoria to support her at the clinic. Despite Ella's opinion things start heating up for Declan and Katie. Ella thinks Declan's new fling with Katie is a non-starter. But Declan and Katie's relationship heats up when they kiss passionately. Mia catches them together but surprises Declan by being seemingly unbothered. Katie is delighted Mia has reacted so well, but Declan is concerned and suspects Mia is not happy at all. David makes a fool of himself. Having drunk himself into oblivion to escape his misery, David stumbles into the pub drunk. Much to everyone's amusement he is wearing Leyla's wedding dress. A concerned Nikhil and Alicia manage to get him out of the door and back home, where David is determined to carry on drinking. Meanwhile, Holly's keen to learn her new job at the office but John doesn't want her to rush things. He and Moira continue to worry about her. Andy has given in his notice at work. He's leaving for Spain in a month. Its clear John will miss having Andy around the farm. Victoria talks to Alex about getting Andy's job on the farm.


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