Cain gloats to Charity, suggesting that she and Noah should move back in. However, Charity declares that she'll never go crawling back to him. Later, Charity tells Chas that Jai's the only one she wants and heads to the pub to see him. Determined to win him back, Charity asks Jai to meet her at Gennie's later but he doesn't turn up. Not giving up without a fight, Charity heads to the factory and declares her love to him, asking him to marry her. Meanwhile, Hazel's touched when Bob offers to lend her the money to go travelling, leaving Brenda unimpressed. Frustrated with Brenda's moaning, Hazel quits her job and takes Bob up on his offer, excited at the prospect of going away. Elsewhere, Nikhil offends Gennie again by suggesting that she doesn't care how she looks and knows nothing about fitness; Debbie's troubled when Cameron tells her that Sarah has another bruise; while Declan asks Nicola to dig out the Butler's contract, telling her that he'll be more reliant on her now Mia has gone.


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