Debbie is nervous about Sarah's appointment and Sarah doesn't want to go. However, Cameron manages to convince her - much to Andy's annoyance. At the hospital, Dr Armah tells Andy and Debbie that they need to do some immediate tests to get an exact diagnosis. The gravity of Sarah's condition is starting to dawn on them. Back at the house, an argument erupts between Andy, Debbie and Cameron. Andy believes the genetic condition must be from Debbie's side. Debbie tries to defend it and later breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Nikhil discovers that Jai and Charity are back together and that she has moved back into Holdgate. Nikhil's speechless that they're engaged and shocked to see her wearing their grandma's ring. Elsewhere, Cain's angry over news of the engagement and stresses that there won't be a wedding; Zak offers to help Chas with Aaron; while Gennie's and Nikhil's business lunch is cut short.


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  • A customer at the garage is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,320,000 viewers (23rd place).
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