Charity decides she wants an engagement party - tonight at Holdgate Farm. Paddy and Rhona tease Marlon over Rachel. Amy is in turmoil as the reality of her situation begins to sink in. Charity sets about preparing for the engagement party, roping Marlon into doing the food. She wants to invite Declan. Jai tells her not to bother. Chas urges Cain to trust Aaron again. Charity decides to invite Declan anyway. Declan refuses. Charity asks Katie to persuade him to come so he and Jai can make up. Rhona and Paddy have to ask Laurel to babysit Leo when Nicky's aunty dies and they are forced to work at the Surgery. They tell her about Rachel. Despite telling Cain to stay away, he turns up at the party anyway. He tells her that she knows they will end up back together in a matter of time and leaves. Andy tells John that the move to Spain is definitely off. John gives him his job back. Sandy tells Laurel and Ashley they should think about having another child as they aren't getting any younger. Chas asks Paddy to speak to Aaron about college. Katie ropes Declan into dropping her off at the party and then tries to persuade him to come and join her. He refuses but Jai has seen him arrive and approaches him. He tries to encourage Declan to stay. The two break into trading insults and a fight breaks out. As the party-goers pull them away from each other, Charity demands to know what they have fallen out about. Jai tells her that he is Mia's dad.


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  • Also credited: Stuart St Paul (Stunt Co-ordinator)
  • Only one episode was broadcast tonight due to the continuation of ITV's new gameshow Red or Black.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,630,000 viewers (18th place).
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