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Jai apologises to Charity. Laurel is disappointed when Ashley won't be back in time to pick up the kids so she has to cancel with Marlon. Chas, Diane and Victoria talk to Aaron about going back to college. He says he will think about it. It's the day that David and Leyla should have been getting married and David is in a bad mood. He gives the wedding cakes away in the shop, free with every purchase. He isn't sure what to do with the honeymoon and decides to give it to Alicia. Katie tells Declan she wants to know what's going on with him and Jai. Declan tells her that Jai slept with Ella years ago. Chas asks Paddy to mention college to Aaron too. Rachel turns up in The Woolpack asking for a job as a cleaner. John makes a deal with a supermarket. Despite Chas's objections, Diane accepts Rachel on a trial basis. Jai goes to see Declan, he tells him that if he wants to keep the truth hidden, they should at least be cival to one another. Alicia tells Andy that David has given them the honeymoon for free. Andy tells her doesn't want to go in case Sarah falls ill and has to come home. Katie tells Charity that Declan told her everything but Charity discovers that he hasn't told her about Mia. Paddy talks to Aaron about college, he guesses that Chas has talked him into talking to him and leaves. John finds out that if they are going to pull off the supermarket deal, they'll need more money. Declan and Jai publicly shake hands in the pub and agree to put everything behind them. Aaron catches Sean in the garage and throws him out. Victoria tells Aaron the best way to get everyone off his back would be to go to college. Rachel and Marlon work together in the kitchen on recipes. Laurel walks in and sees them enjoying themselves. Hurt, she leaves as Marlon tells her he can't bear to fall out with her.


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