Aaron is exhausted and running on empty, but still turns up to help at the farm before work. Moira is concerned that Aaron is pushing himself too hard, while Paddy also sees that Aaron is dead on his feet when he falls asleep outside the surgery. At the pub, Chas is worried as a fight nearly breaks out between Aaron and Sean. But later at the garage, things get more serious when Aaron collapses after chasing Sean, who has run off with the garage cash tin. Meanwhile, Andy feels guilty when Jacob asks if he can play with Sarah when she gets back from Jersey. Soon afterwards, Alicia makes a snap decision about moving to Spain with Jacob, loudly announcing that there is nothing keeping them in Emmerdale any longer. Carl later flirts with a mildly amused Alicia and enjoys seeing her get one over on Chas. Elsewhere, Nicola is left reeling when she finds out that Jimmy is trying to track Elliot down, while Charity feels shut out by Jai as he leaves for the visit to his parents.


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