Bob tells Jimmy that he knows where Kelly is and Jimmy gives him money to start paying maintenance for Elliot. Soon afterwards, Jimmy goes to the office to ask Nicola where the electrician is, as he asked for her help yesterday when the haulage firm was plunged into darkness. He is frustrated that Nicola hasn't sorted out an electrician, so takes matters into his own hands by calling Declan abroad, who sends another electrician. Edna worries that Jimmy has gone behind Nicola's back, and she's right to be concerned as Nicola is fuming when both electricians turn up and she finds out what he's done. Nicola and Jimmy argue over Kelly and Elliot, and any chance of reconciliation is dashed when Nicola strongly states that the divorce is back on. Meanwhile, Zak is hopeful about his ideas for helping Aaron but Chas continues to worry. Aaron feels that he's not wanted at the Bartons' when he heads there for work but they tell him they're concerned about him working too hard after his collapse. He realises Chas has phoned ahead to explain what happened. Later, Aaron is riled when he sees the punch bag has been taken away and Zak explains that he's moved it to the Homestead. Despite Aaron acting fine about their interference, Chas knows he's unhappy about it. Elsewhere, Alicia feels wretched when she tries to apologise to Andy about what happened with Carl and he casually says that it's nothing to do with him; Gennie ponders the idea that Nicky might fancy her when he calls her cute; while Val wants everyone to be on their best behaviour when the Elite B&B forms arrive.


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