Chas is barely holding it together as Aaron leaves for work acting as though nothing is wrong. Paddy sits Aaron down and insists that he is going to talk to him, but Aaron is not receptive and Chas worries it will make things worse. Chas feels helpless after Paddy has talked to Aaron, who still refuses to stop self-harming. Chas clings to Aaron when he takes a knife off her after she threatens to harm herself. Meanwhile, Andy reminds Alex that they have rent to pay as Victoria looks through the paper for jobs. Later, Alex comes into the pub looking smart to pick up an intrigued Victoria. Alex and Victoria meet an estate agent outside Brook Cottage, and Alex tells the agent that it will be a cash sale if they like the property. Victoria is confused, but when the estate agent leaves, Alex vanishes and suddenly appears to open the front door - he's got them a place to live. Victoria is tempted when Alex tells her about squatters' rights. Elsewhere, Jai is back but uneasy when Charity still presses to meet his parents; Alicia continues to date Carl but Andy hasn't told Sarah about the recent split; Laurel tells Marlon that Rachel really likes him; and Nikhil is suspicious of Jai when he says that his mum knows about the wedding.


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