Alicia is hopeful when Andy explains that Sarah has been asking after her and suggests they should all meet up. In the café, Alicia is amused to see that Sarah is trying to get her and Andy back together. Later in the pub, Alicia and Carl flirt with each other, which causes discomfort for both Chas and Andy. Alicia is really missing Andy and chooses to start her shift early rather than stay chatting to Carl. When Andy calls in to see Sarah before bedtime, he's worried to hear the hospital have been in touch - they want to see her again. Meanwhile, Marlon reluctantly agrees to go to the cinema with Rachel and Laurel is jealous as they leave. After the date, Marlon makes it clear to a disappointed Rachel that they are just mates. Marlon then goes to see Laurel, saying that he doesn't want things to be awkward between them. With Ashley due home any moment, Laurel hastily agrees to meet Marlon properly tomorrow. Elsewhere, Chas tells Aaron that he has to face up to his problems and Aaron tries to apologise to a frightened Hazel; Nicola is outraged to find Alex and Victoria squatting; Cameron arrives back in the village with a new truck and plans to undercut the Kings' haulage business; Aaron admits that he does need help and confesses it's because he saw the fear in Hazel's eyes; while Charity and Cameron put their business plan to Jai and Nikhil, and Cameron is told he can start immediately.


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