Having agreed to meet Marlon privately, Laurel is feeling guilty, while at The Woolpack, Rachel tries to dig further over who Marlon is holding out for. Laurel is distracted at work and goes to the locker room to call him, but Marlon doesn't answer as Rachel is still on his case. Laurel leaves a message explaining that she can't make their meeting. Later, Laurel and Marlon have an awkward moment when Ashley breezily tells Marlon to pop over to work on the cookery book. Marlon nervously goes to see Laurel and the ice is broken as they get on well. Laurel explains that it can't go anywhere between them, despite her feelings. As Marlon leaves, they almost share a kiss but pull away at the last second, but this leaves Laurel worried about where this will end. Meanwhile, Cameron teases Carl by boasting that he is doing his own private job for the Sharmas. Carl fires Cameron instantly, then storms round to confront the Sharma brothers. However, both Nikhil and Jai remain steadfast - they are sticking with Cameron as he's cheaper. Elsewhere, Alicia drops in unannounced on a surprised Carl and offers to spend the evening with him, but she later does a runner when he leaves the room to get more wine; Charity sets the date for a small intimate December wedding; Alex goads Declan when he comes to Brook Cottage and shuts the door in his face; Nikhil is suspicious when Jai avoids talking about his mother's view on his wedding; and Diane is furious when she discovers what Victoria is up to.


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