The Dingles prepare to go for bone-marrow tests to find a match for Sarah. Debbie's anxious about the tests and is annoyed when Cain asks if Jai will be coming with Charity. Jai wants to be supportive and get tested too, but Charity refuses his offer. Jai puts on a brave face, but is clearly troubled when Charity explains that she and Cain will be spending more time together for Debbie's sake. Cain's annoyed by the enthusiasm for Charity's wedding and struggles to compose himself, taking it very hard. Charity shows her concern for him and offers support but Cain loses his temper, smashing a spanner into a car windscreen. Meanwhile, Laurel feels awkward around Marlon and snaps at Ashley when he voices how Sarah's situation reminds him of Daniel. Rhona later realises she might have touched a nerve when she tells Marlon to bring his mystery woman to the christening. Marlon leaves the table and Rhona explains to Paddy that the woman in question is married. Elsewhere, Andy sticks up for Victoria but Declan reminds him he's the boss; Aaron light-heartedly tells Chas that he has an appointment with his GP today but it's clear he's worried; Jimmy drags Carl out of the café when Debbie realises he slashed Cameron's tyres; and Chas is concerned when Bob reminds her it's the anniversary of the train crash.


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