Cain and Charity talk, unaware that Nikhil is watching. They have a tender moment as Charity urges Cain to pull himself together for Sarah's sake. Soon afterwards, Nikhil rings alarm bells for Jai when he tells him about seeing Cain and Charity together. Charity lets Cain into her house and he wants her to admit she has feelings for him. However, Charity stays strong, insisting she will marry Jai and orders Cain to leave. Later, Jai wants to know what was said when Charity and Cain were seen together, but Charity snaps at his questioning. Charity goes on to confide in Chas, explaining that she loves Jai but isn't sure marrying him will work and confesses to having recently kissed Cain. Chas warns her that Cain is no good and tries to make her see Jai is the right one, but Charity looks unsure. Meanwhile, Chas tries to talk to Hazel, apologising for Aaron's behaviour. However, Hazel doesn't want to know - she and Aaron are not good for each other at the moment. Later, Aaron's quietly chuffed when Paddy asks him to be godfather to Leo, and Chas is pleased he is making progress. Aaron apologises to Hazel for snapping but feels guilty at how scared she is, and Hazel's left wondering what's going on. Elsewhere, Andy tries to talk sense into Victoria and Alex but they realise Declan has sent him and he's thrown out, while Marlon's pressured when Rhona wants him to ask Laurel to be godmother.


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