Rhona asks Laurel if she has made up her mind about being godmother. Laurel pretends to know what she is talking about and Ashley is delighted. Later, Laurel feels awkward that Marlon has dedicated the cookery book to her. She explains to Marlon that it's wrong for her to be godmother and instantly regrets the excuse she gives Ashley over why she doesn't want to be. At the same time, Rachel guesses Laurel is Marlon's mystery woman. Meanwhile, Andy tells Alex and Victoria that they have to leave Brook Cottage and loses it completely, saying that if they don't move he could lose his job and he can't because of Sarah. Alex and Victoria go to stay at the pub, but Andy is sacked regardless when he returns to work. Elsewhere, Charity feels guilty as Jai says that he doesn't trust Cain but does trust her; Cameron's disappointed when Debbie says she's not been thinking about having another baby with everything that's been going on; and Aaron finally tells Hazel the truth, leaving her upset.


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