Charity and Jai are loved up now they are back together. Debbie attempts to talk to Cain about Charity, but he venomously declares that he hates her. In the pub, the Dingles are having a drink when a glowering Cain enters and immediately glares daggers at Jai. Zak and Lisa witness Cain having a go at Moira and realise Cain is about to do some damage. As Jai and Cain confront each other, Zak steps in to stop them, ushering Cain away. Jai leaves, while Zak and Lisa insist that Cain has a quiet word with them outside. Zak warns Cain to leave Charity and Jai alone, which causes Cain to lash out, punching Zak hard in the face. Zak is furious but when Cain snidely remarks that Zak stood by and let a man rape Lisa, Lisa sees red and slaps an unrepentant Cain. Zak issues Cain with a serious ultimatum and it's clear that he means business. Meanwhile, Nicola's short with Rachel as she arrives for her first day at work. Rachel has a cunning plan and asks for the keys to Brook Cottage. She then takes her sister Ali to show her the house, determined for her to rent it before Nicola does. Elsewhere, Laurel's angry that Marlon is continuing to avoid her and tells him that his behaviour is making things more obvious; Nicola admits to Rodney that she's worried Jimmy doesn't want to commit as he's not keen about moving into the cottage; Diane catches Alex sneaking out of the pub after staying overnight; and Moira gives Cain the latest payment and is tempted to slap him for his smug smile.


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