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Sandy watches Laurel's reaction as Ashley suggests they might be having a christening of their own soon. Laurel then receives a text from Marlon wanting to meet and lies to Sandy that it's just from Nicola. However, Laurel is soon cornered when Sandy snaps that he knows she's going to meet Marlon and is having an affair. Laurel tries to deny it and they start arguing, unaware that a shocked Ashley has entered. Laurel covers with an excuse, but Ashley's mystified and suggests that he should have a word with Sandy. Sandy's upset as Ashley tries to talk to him about the row with Laurel, but is unable to reveal the truth. Later, Marlon's blindsided when Laurel tells him about Sandy's accusation. They both worry what he will say to Ashley. Meanwhile, Debbie returns from the hospital and explains that they haven't yet found a match, but she's determined to stay positive. Later, Debbie questions Cain about hitting Zak, warning him that he can leave if he's going to carry on like this. She also tells Cameron that she's spoken to the mobile testing unit and they're coming to the village, so they need to start rallying people to get tested. Elsewhere, Amy panics when Val and Eric want to discuss the adoption leaflets but she quickly covers when she realises they've got the wrong end of the stick; Katie's impressed when Gennie reveals that she's been head-hunted for a job; and Jimmy's curious when Carl suggests they're going to get payback from Cameron and makes a call.


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