Amy's petrified as Cain drives her down a country lane. She screams to be let out, worried about what he will do next. Cain toys that he's going to kill her, but on her pleading, says he will give her one last chance if she keeps away from his family. Amy is terrified as Cain drives her back to the village. Once home, Amy is huddled in a corner shaking as Belle bangs on the door. Amy drags Belle inside, terrified that Cain might be watching. Belle tries to tell Amy that Cain's not that bad, but Amy grabs her, shouting that it was Cain who got her pregnant. Amy snaps at Belle when she refuses to leave, finally admitting that Cain thinks she had an abortion and if Belle doesn't stay away from her, she'll kill herself and the baby. Meanwhile, Rachel's family arrive back from the hospital and Carl and Cameron are left sheepish when Ali mouths off about their antics, suggesting the police will be interested in what's happened. The pair realise it will take more than an apology to make it up to her and they're forced to agree to pay her £400, as well as help move their belongings. Elsewhere, Nikhil grumbles that Nicky is playing games with Gennie, while Marlon and Laurel are keen not to give anything away to Sandy.


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