There's a strained atmosphere between John and Moira, but she suggests they should do something together today. However, John ends up running late when his car breaks down and a dressed-up Moira becomes fed up as she waits for him. Cain arrives to sort the Land Rover and John demands a full refund, but he's left confused when the bad boy tells him he doesn't have the cash because of Moira's arrangement. Back at the farm, John tries to fight his temper and Moira realises that Cain's told him. She explains that she lied because she can't talk to him anymore, as he's stubborn and angry. They continue to argue and Moira leaves, visiting Cain at the garage to have a go. The atmosphere is electric as she suddenly kisses him, before breaking away. Meanwhile, things are still tense between Laurel and Sandy. When Ashley and Sandy agree to take the kids out together, Laurel decides not to come along - clearly forming a plan before texting Marlon. The pair end up playing Xbox together at Marlon's place. Laurel's smug about her high scores and both are very much enjoying each other's company. Elsewhere, Nikhil gives Ali a job at the factory; the bone marrow unit arrives at the village hall; Adam's disappointed when Aaron declines his offer to hang out with him; while Lisa and Ali argue about Sean's influence over Belle.


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