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Cain pulls Moira back towards him, and she struggles as she fights her desires. She finally gives in and can't resist as he kisses her passionately. At the same time, John enters The Woolpack, where Holly tries to make him realise that he and Moira are both stubborn, but they love each other. He agrees to finish his pint then go and find her. Back at the garage, Moira hastily gets dressed as Cain watches, unnerving her. Moira then heads back home guilt-ridden, with the enormity of what she's done finally hitting her. Later, she feels even worse when John says that her dinner's in the oven and he wants to forget tonight ever happened. As they eat dinner, Moira suggests they clear up before the kids are back, but John wants to make up and leads her to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Sean tries to break into Sam's, and Belle is with him as he's stolen her phone and she wants it back. Lisa comes out and spots the pair just as Sean's about to smash a window. She leads them into the house, telling Sean she's calling his mum. When Ali arrives at the Dingles', Sean has locked himself in Lisa's van so they leave him to stew for a while, but Sean starts to trash the vehicle. Aaron offers to have a word with Sean, and Zak's proud when Aaron manages to get Sean to leave the van calmly. Elsewhere, Debbie tells Andy that there's a chance a bone marrow match has been found but she doesn't want to get too hopeful, while Laurel continues to feel guilty about her behaviour and is aware of Sandy watching her.


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