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Debbie and Andy pay another visit to the hospital and are crushed when Dr Armah tells them that the donor has pulled out. When the doctor explains the alternative treatments, Debbie's determined to save Sarah, vowing that she and Andy will have another baby as a saviour sibling. Dr Armah warns them it might not be the answer and there'll be difficulties if they're not a couple. However, Andy's shocked when Debbie insists they are together. Back home, Andy questions Debbie about another baby but is caught when she tells him that she couldn't live with herself if they didn't try and it may be the only way of saving Sarah. They argue, but Andy knows she's right and tells her he needs time to think about it, worrying what it will do to Cameron and Alicia. Meanwhile, Moira's exasperated when John is too busy to have a proper talk about their marriage. She also continues to fight temptation at The Woolpack as Cain teases her about what happened between them. Later, Moira pays a visit to Cain at the garage and warns him about threatening her marriage and family. However, when he moves in to kiss her, Moira gives into temptation once again. Elsewhere, Nikhil is resentful over how Nicky is treating Gennie, while Chas tries to talk to Aaron about the counselling and is heartened by a flicker of optimism from him.


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