It's Ashley's birthday and he suggests that he and Laurel should spend time together, but she claims that she has some errands to run. Later, a suspicious Ashley snoops around Tall Trees as Laurel's inside with Marlon. He calls her and is relieved when she tells the truth about where she is, saying they've been icing his cake. He's guilty for doubting her. As the day continues, Marlon feels conflicted as she watches Laurel give Ashley his birthday present - a photo album full of pictures. Later, Ashley's worst fears are confirmed when he finds out that she lied about icing the cake, and he watches her follow Marlon out the back. Meanwhile, Holly notices the strained atmosphere between her parents, but Moira tells her they're just shocked about Mia. Later, Moira finds John packing to go to Andy's. She tries to call his bluff, saying that she'll stay at her mum's, but she's left heartbroken when he agrees it's a good idea - either she moves out or he does. Elsewhere, Ali and Ruby are stressed as Dan hangs around like a bad smell; Amy persuades David to give her a day's work in the shop; and Declan agrees to let Katie come to Mia's funeral with him.


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