Moira has packed a suitcase and tells John that she'll stay at the B&B tonight, then go to her mum's tomorrow. She tells the kids that there's nothing to worry about, but they know how strained things have been between them. Holly's frustrated and heads off when John won't tell her what's going on. Soon afterwards, John and Adam head off to the pub together, where they bump into Katie and Declan - who have been to Mia's funeral. Declan has a go at Adam and blames him for Mia's death, so John squares up to him. They shove one another, so Katie and Adam are forced to get in between them. Meanwhile, Ashley has a go at Marlon when he makes a joke about God. Back home, Ashley tells Sandy that he might be right about Laurel and Marlon having an affair, but he wants to deal with it in his own way. He later apologises to Marlon, but his fears are realised when Laurel's phone rings and he sees it's Marlon. Laurel is shocked when Ashley suggests they renew their wedding vows and he knows what's preventing her enthusiasm. Elsewhere, Ali turns down an opportunity to go out for tea with Dan and the kids, while Val starts to think about adopting Amy again.


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