Ashley visits Laurel at the factory, wanting to take her out for tea so they can talk about the vow renewal, leaving her pressured. Later, at The Woolpack, Laurel says that she's happy as they are and doesn't see why renewing their vows would change things. However, she sees how much it means to him and says she hasn't made up her mind yet. Later, Marlon is sickened when Laurel explains what their discussion was about. Laurel is shocked when Marlon says he wants all or nothing - that she either stays with Ashley and makes the vows, or leaves to be with him. Meanwhile, Adam tells Holly about John and Declan almost fighting and she heads out, needing to talk to Moira about what's going on. Outside the garage, Holly asks Cain if he's seen Moira and is confused when an angry John pulls up and instructs her to get in the car. Later, John's not in the mood to talk when he realises Diane knows about Moira's affair. Elsewhere, Amy has a midwife appointment and sets the adoption ball rolling, while Aaron agrees to a night in town with Adam.


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